Mom2Mom Power Hour Course 2


ONLINE one hour session once a month with Pamela Lozano & teen/young adult moms to encourage,  collaborate, pray and empower each other in relationship with your daughters.

Course Payment Options:   

  • $100 for 6 sessions –  ($16.66/session includes a FREE introductory session and access to Pam Lozano via    email with questions throughout the month.)

Course 2:  Beginning 1st Quarter 2022 | Day/Time TBD

  1. Who’s Leading Who? – Be her parent, not her friend.
  2. Who’s in Control? – Relinquish control, empower her to make choices.
  3. Bridge the Gap – Communicate with her, not at her.
  4. Dating Strategies – Create a strategy that works for your family.
  5. Love thru Mistakes – Embrace mistakes and help her grow from them.
  6. Identify Her Purpose – Encourage her in God’s purpose & plan.