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Our Pure Design Story

Pam & Caeilen ♡ -mom/daughter

Pure Design began as a dream...

Pure Design began as a dream in the heart of Pam Lozano as she attended a powerful women’s conference that transformed hundreds of lives. A question emerged – how could she impact the lives of teen and young adult girls and change the trajectory of their lives?  The dream sat dormant for several years, until finally in 2012, the seed of that dream emerged. Pure Design was launched by Pam and her daughter Caeilen, with two other teen moms and daughters.

Without any prior experience in non-profits or publishing, they launched this ministry.  In September 2012, Pure Design published their very first online issue of Pure Design Magazine. Since then magazines have been published, printed and mailed all over the country and into Europe. Today, Pure Design has a powerful team of teen and young adult girls who brainstorm and create events and content for each magazine. A team of professional photographers, graphic artists, and writers, also volunteer and mentor the girls in their areas of interest.

Pure Design empowers girls with truth.

Our Heart:

To empower teen & young adult girls with truth to embrace and become who God created them to be; to overcome struggles of insecurity, low self-esteem and self-hatred.

Our Mission:

Pure Design seeks to create a counter-cultural brand that empowers girls with truth and authenticity. 

Our Focus:

Pure Beauty Events equip girls to know God and gain true identity.
Pure Design Magazine empowers girls in self-image, self-worth & pure beauty.  

Our Mandate:

Pure Design empowers a generation with truth so they can empower others!  We hope that by sharing real life stories and images, girls are empowered and realize they are not alone in the issues they face.

We desire to empower girls so they can empower others!